Monday, July 7, 2014

Private guide in Prague

Wallenstein Palace

Wallenstein Palace is the biggest jewel of Little Quater, and one of the most prominent buildings of the early Czech Baroque.
The construction of Prague's beautiful jewel is credited with one of the the most powerful and richest nobles Albrecht Václav Eusebius von Wallenstein. The beautiful palace complex gradually grew in the years 1623-1630. The idea was to build a sidlo competing Prague Castle, the length of the palace is 340 meters and width of 172 meters.
Prominent architects, painters, sculptors and craftsmen constructed this palatial residence. It is therefore necessary to mention these names: Andrea Spezza of Arong, Giovanni Battista Pieroni, or Niccolo Sebregondi. The artistic garden decor was created by sculptor Adrian de Vries. The south and southeast side of the garden is 200 meters in length enclosed by a high wall, and it builds on the south wall of the stalactite grottoes.
At present, the palace is home to the Senate of the Czech Republic.

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