Monday, July 14, 2014

Private  tour in Prague

How to hire a private guide for sightseeing?

One of the best option for discover Prague

1.A great way to explore a new destination. 

Hiring a private tour guide can be one of the best ways to visit a new city. This professional will teach you all the nooks and will tell the story of the place firsthand. 

2.How to find  a guide. 

Of all the ways there are to find a tour guide, Internet is the best. Have many websites at your fingertips you see a personal profile of each of them and find out their rates. 

Three. Other ways of alerting. 

On the Internet you will find many forums and blogs about travel and tourism. Uses them to find information about where you go to visit. 

 4. Skip points 1,2,3 and  just open the website :

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