Monday, May 19, 2014

Private guide in Prague

The most modern styles of music have a room in the Prague´s spring at one of its Festivals. The festival is called United Islands because it takes place in 4 of the 9 islands on the Moldava river. It hosts many singers and groups from all around the world and hundred of people come to listen them for free. You can get autographers, pictures, gadgets of the musicians and of course the disc with all the songs presented at it. I really enjoy it. Don´t miss this appointment with the music!

Festival United Islands 2016

Traditional Prague music festival, United Islands, from 23 to 25 June 2016 is creating a large festival zone in the historical centre of Prague already for the 11th consecutive year. In Žofín, Střelecký island, Dětský island and Kampa ten main scenes will be built presenting about 150 bands from 21 countries from all over the world.
Stylish diversity, a showcase of genres and the hottest musical discoveries on the domestic and foreign scene!

The United Islands Festival in Prague is a celebration of world music. The main streams include rock, pop, indie, electronic, world, folk & jazz, as well as new music trends and experiments. The eleventh year of the festival offers new and fresh names from the European and world club scene. The event is traditionally held in Prague’s Kampa and on Střelecký and Slovanský islands out in the open, where the admission is free every year. This powerful program is not only out in the open, but also in selected clubs, where the festival continues at night.

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