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Private Guide in Prague

Prague doesn´t dissapoint the finest palates of its visitors – and of its citizens- and this you can prove in a common ¨Hospudka¨ , with its tradicional food, or in an elegant restaurant, with artistic creations of its chef. As I love good food, I couldn´t avoid to go to the most important gourmet festival in Prague. Remembering the delicious specialities I tasted there ¨make one´s mouth water¨. I definitely recommend it to you!!

The Prague Food Festival is a three-day celebration of food with a longstanding tradition in the Czech Republic.
In the 10th year, its continues offering you excellent dishesfrom the best local chefs as well as presenting the top restaurants, beverage producers and other specialties from the area.
The motto this year is: "Don’t Eat Dumb, Don’t Drink Dumb, Don’t Even Live Dumb!"

The relevant attractions of the festival
    1. A World of Gastronauts, Local Specialties, and Regional Culinary Stars.- for the first time, the TOP regional restaurants from the nationwide survey, Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Selection, will be participating at the 2014 Prague Food Festival along with the TOP Prague restaurants.
    Small sampling of what to expect: Catfish goulash from Svet Lake, Přeštice pork on the grill, La Pissaladiére – a savory French pie, raw vegan sushi with fresh wasabi, whipped lamb paté with rosehip jelly, pork cheeks, pork belly, crispy black pudding, green pepper French macaroons, a cardamom mousse and ice cream from Szechuan flowers.
    Michelin Star Chefs at the Prague Food Festival! you will experience the unique "Badoit Fine Dining“. At a long communal table, you can try menus from award-winning Michelin chefs or Grand Restaurant winners like, Jan Šterba, Petr Fučík, Pavel Sapík, Michal Göth, Oldřich Sahajdák, Roman Paulus and the Riccardo Lucque.
    And what about children? "Think about what we’re teaching our children to eat" is this year’s festival challenge. Come with your children and taste an ideal menu from a healthy school cafeteria and participate in interesting discussions and workshops. Even you can help change your children’s diet. Good news – the children's corner this year will have a playful and educational program.
    "Orangina Grand Lounge" , for the first time at the festival, visitors can enjoy a pleasant chill-out area with views of the St. Vitus Cathedral in close proximity to the unique Orangery designed world-renowned architect Eva Jiřičná! In the comfortable lounge chairs, festival guests can relax before their next culinary experiences.
    In the Ball Room of the Prague Castle, a new project will be introduced: “The Czech Culinary Awards”- recognizing the best and most interesting chefs, farms, organic products and personalities influencing the Czech culinary scene. There will also be a public survey of the most popular Czech dish and at the same time you can find out how you perceive taste and smell.
    Beverages, Non-alcoholic drinks from Rajec, Evian, Badoit, Orangina, Vinea, Kofola, Ugova fresh juice in the style of “drink. life . Emotion." De'Longhi Cafe under the open sky with a view of Prague. Free coffee and tastings of Ugova ice cream with fresh fruit. Domestic wines from Winemakers Association of Slovakia.
    World's wines from Premier Wines. Czech and Moravian regional beers as well as specialty beers from the Lobkowicz brewery. Kubánský bar La Casa de la Havana vieja.

    8. Delicacies
    Sedlčanský - both traditional and modern ripened cheeses from the hands Sedlcansky cheese makers.

    Organic products Freshbedýnky (Fresh crates).
    Marmalade of Bohemian producer, Blanka Milfaitová, who was awarded 10 medals including 4 gold at the World Marmalade Awards 2015!
    Farm fresh and organic foods from Sklizeno.
    Lindt chocolate made from Swiss masters.
    Goose liver (foie gras) from Philip Töpfer. Bon-Bon, a Czech manufacturer of original chocolates and marzipan treats.
    Large tasting tents that provide comfort, seating and unexpected experiences.Where and when it will be?
    From 27 to 29 of May, in the Royal Garden of the Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) on the site of the original medieval vineyards.

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