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International Folklore Festival Prague Fair is a non-commercial event organized by the Folklore Association of the Czech Republic and SOL group spol . s r.o. with the support of the City . Prague , Prague 1 Municipality and in cooperation with other partners since 2004 Fruit Market in Prague 1st

IFF Prague Fair is one of the largest folklore festivals in the Czech Republic and Europe . Each year participating in the festival files from most continents of the world and from all ethnographic regions of our country. In more than five hours of nonstop program during the five days of the festival will present in the city more than 27 foreign and domestic dozen files in a number of over 1,110 performers. Over the eight-year existence , the festival presented at the Prague Fair in addition to most European countries Files from Brazil , China, Colombia , Argentina, Indonesia , Mexico, Russia, Israel and others. Invitation to the festival is a matter of prestige , program council selects from a vast number of offerings, based on expert advice . Almost half of the performers are professional artists.

Part of the Prague Fair are excluding folklore program, the presentation of traditional folk crafts and offer specialties of Czech cuisine. The stands are occupied by folk artists, who present traditional craftsmanship : the ring spinning , weaving, needlework, decorating Easter eggs , gingerbread , painting on glass, silk , crochet, handmade jewelry and imitation jewelry, whistles, plugs , wiring, turning, sewing costumes , production garb shoes , ornaments made ​​of straw , jute products , bast , knitting korbáčů etc. at the last festival was the Fruit Market 35 stalls folk craftsmen , each of which ran another craft.

IFF Prague Fair showcases the wealth of folk art and the uniqueness of national cultures. Public interest in the festival is huge, every year visited by thousands of people , last year we exceeded the limit of 91,000 visitors . In particular, the performances of folklore is not enough to accommodate the amount of viewers . The pictures and reports from the festival brings all television and radio stations. It is not without significance that this festival being held in the city - for residents and visitors to the Czech attractive appearance overseas files for foreign visitors a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of our folklore.

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